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Panta rhei

Uns überfällts. Wir Ordnen. Es zerfällt. Wir ordnen wieder und zerfallen selbst.
It overfills us. We order. It decays. We order again and ourselves decays.

Rainer-Maria Rilke, "The Eighth Elegy"

In our childhood, that citation was in my uncle's little and messy workshop and we can not forget it since then.

Under construction - forever

This website has not a purpose at all! It is just a digital trace from the Göntikis for ourselves and our friends. And it is under construction, and we mean it literally. There are more then 150 pages (some may have only a few sentences, but anyway) and a similar number of picture galleries. So, there is just no way to finish this site ever. Not to mention that every month some new content should be added.

If you accidentally passed by, have fun strolling around. Basically this site is just a bunch of pictures from our image archive of about 190'000 photos, decorated with short comments in bad English since this is not our native language.

Finally, it has to be emphasized, that all our work is Wabi Sabi.