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About us

What do you remember when you remember? About the last vacation, your friends, your parents, your childhood?

Certainly you remember pictures, a mosaic of pictures, an incomplete pile of pictures. Each time this pile is a little bit different, in some other order. And so we are. Each time different, but still the same, somehow.

Pictures also help to bring back lost memories. Therefore the invention of digital photography and with this the availability of an endless picture stream helps to preserve memories.

We enjoy to travel and to learn about life in other countries and other cultures. If we are not traveling, we like to build stuff with paper, wood, leather, concrete, electronics or whatever. If we were children, one would say we like to play. But being adult, it is called being creative. Nevertheless, we still play.

But more important, we are two of our own kinds.

Life is only worth living if you think about what you are doing.

Socrates. Richard Feynman.