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One page a year.

The logbook is a loose collection about how we pass through the years since our first contact with the Internet. This is not a blog, not a diary; it is maybe kind of digital chronicles. And it is not static, like it would be on paper, it is electronic and therefore constantly changing. A little bit.

Time passes very quickly, things are changing even faster and our memory fades out quickly. This place may keep some traces over the last decade. It is amazing (and sometimes scaring) to see how dramatically our whole private and work live has changed within only a ten years.

While the changes are small and almost not noticeable during daily life, a view backwards reveals the overall huge and fast change - at least in technological measures. For example: Who can nowadays imagine a life without the Internet?

This, of course, makes one wonder what will be the changes in the next decade?

A technical note

We started with this logbook in '05 and since then we add content as we go.

For the earlier years we try to fill up the content from our memory, so this content is sparse the further backwards it goes..