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Here we start

We do not remember much about that time any more. PC were expensive, had 640 kByte RAM and were operated with DOS. With 2400 baud modems we where connecting to BBSs (bulletin board system).

Windows arrives

This must have been the year when we changed from DOS (with the legendary Norton Commander) to Windows. With the earlier  Windows 3.11 we never tried to work.

First Contact

This must have been the time, where we got first contact with the Internet.

If we remember right, we had a Compuserve account and AT 4800 baud modem to dial in.

And then we could visit the webpage of a university in Hawaii. All that information traveled around the world. Fascinating. I was the same feeling when our grandparents used the telephone for the first time.

Registered Hosts

In this year there are nearly 19'000 registered hosts on the Internet.