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Our first digital Camera

We got our first real digital camera, an Olympus C-1400L SLR. This re-triggered our interest in photography.

There was a time when we used our Mamiya 645 middle format camera and spent endless time in the dark room developing BW photos. It was magic to see the pictures appear out of nothing on the paper. But later we lost access to a dark room and this made the great Mamiya useless.

Dia-positives were a nice tool for vacation memories, but there is no way to manipulate them. Also they took quite a lot of space for storage, needed a lot of effort to watch them. We can remember a time when, on a special Sunday, our father mounted the solver screen and the slide projector on a shaky stool, switched off the light in the room and the whole family enjoyed old vacation pictures. Nevertheless in '06 we scanned whatever we had and disposd the slides. Now, if we loose the harddisk, we loose our whole history.

Digital photography promised to give back the fun of playing with pictures without the need of a dark room.

With this, our digital memory started!