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Our own Server is Online

Since October we have our own domain and our own server. And this server sits in the middle of our living room. Don't wonder, other people have also their pets. And our pet is of course a penguin. We live in a Micro$oft clean environment.

Having full access to our server, we got a bunch of new possiblities to play with. For example, since there is no limit for space any more, we are looking forward to establish some gallery software.

Bye-bye Mirco$soft

Finally we say bye-bye to Miro$oft and move to Linux. We are definitely fed up to do our work with children toys. Who wants to nurse all the time his computers - and then even have to pay for it?

This move to Linux offers a whole new way of computing. We grew up with the first microcomputers, we have build my first computer from scratch, with the PCB layout, writing hadrdisk-driver and programming in Pascal. We the Windows machine we lost more and more the understanding what is going on under this graphic UI. And suddenly, with Linux the understanding was back. An amazing experience.


We start to make a few Flash experiments, but since none is really finished, none has been published.


Over Christmas time we go for two weeks to http://gontarczyk.org/gs/europe-cities/2002-sevilla/Sevilla. After two months of grey sky we finally find warm and sunny weather there to warm-up our souls. And coodle our stomache with Tappas. Olé.