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Content Management System

We move the content of our website to the content management system (CMS) ezContent. This will reduce the time of the maintenance of this site dramatically.

Album Software

We find a pretty good software for our picture presentation. It's simple and without any fancy features; exactely what we need for our purposes. We don't want to have a random collection of pictures. Instead we want some means of telling a story, i.e. we want to be able to sort the images and add comments. Since it is written in PHP, we can change the layout according to our taste.

Weekend Weather

We decide to make a diary of the weekend weather this year. Just for statistical purposes because we have the impression that it mostly rains on weekends.

South Africa

We start to organize our next vacation. Destination this time South Africa. We do this vacation together with good friends we met twice on the camel trekking in Sinai. They had already most of the planning finished and we decided in the last moment to share this adventure.

Server Crash

Unbelievable with Linux, but during a software upgrade we have a harddisc crash. Luckily we can most of the content save, but it takes time to restore everything.


After a recent trip to Lichtenstein, we also make some older pictures from this region available: Malbun 2001.


The pictures from our last year vacation in Greece are online.


The picture from our September trip to France are finally online.

Flash Movies from Morocco

We put some old flash movie fragments from Morocco vacation online.

And again a new Camera

Just before we leave for our Christmas vacation in Thailand we buy the Canon IXUS 400. Not a bad choice.