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New Server installed

Since the MSI barebone server was to noisy, we decide to install a little fanless machine. It uses a 600 MHz Celeron with a 40 GB 2.5" harddisk.

But as it turned out later in the year, it was to slow.


We had a strong need for more bookshelves. The solution was to convert all our CDs to MP3 and put them on the server. While this worked fine for our bookshelf, it filled our 40 MB server completely up.

To play the music, we use the Squeezebox. Why? Because the MP3 server runs under Linux. It is indeed the best product in its class.


Ubuntu, a Debian based Linux distribution, appears. This is the most clean, most complete and most hassle free distro we tried so far.

From one CD one can install a complete workstation with office suite, graphic tools, media tools and all the rest. Without registration. Cool.