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Over Eastern we escape for a week to Lisbon. We liked that city very much and hope to go back one day.

New Photo Album

After a long time of not working on our website we uploaded some fresh pictures from Lisbon and Pilatus.

But we still have a lot of unpublished material on our server. Work for rainy weekends. And those we have in Switzerland enough.

Faster Server installed

After less then one year our server was running out of harddisk space. Also the performance with a 600MHz CPU was pretty poor.

It was time to change to a Soltek barbone with a 1 GHz VIA C3. We are very satisfied with this new solution. It is the fourth server in four years.

Having this new server running now, the motivation to work more on content got a tremendous boost.

Again a new Camera

By chance we bought a second-hand Minolta A2. That rocks, as the youngster would say.


The usual presentation of photos in galleries is quite limiting in an artistical sense. We wanted to have some way of telling a story.

The solution was a Java applet. Not to mention, that for this purpose we programmed our own applet - which we further call Kipplet.


This June we fulfill an old dream to rent a houseboat on the Shannon. Before that, we spent a few days in Dublin, consuming a good amount Guinness, and in the region around Sligo.

We have been 20 years ago in Ireland. This time we were surprised to learn, that Ireland is the second expensive country in the EU. That country has changed a lot since then.

Faster Internet Connection

Most of the materials on this server are photos. And at least for photos, size matters. It means, the bigger they are, the nicer they are.

However, the main limitation for good photo quality is the time needed to transfer them from our server to your browser. This mostly depends on our and your Internet connections. So we invest in a better connection with doubled upload bandwith.

Registered Host

Until October, there are 74 409 971 active Sites worldwide. And we are one of them. Do we change the Signal-to-Noise ratio?

Balkan Trip

We leave Helvetia for a two week Balkan trip in the end of August. It was a years old dream to cross once the whole East Europe. And we did not regret this decision.

We change our CMS

After our Balkan trip, we decided to change the CMS (Content Management System) of our website. ezContent, the current system we have been using, has several limitations (which was a great benefit at the beginning) and, more grave, it is not active developed any more.

When we started to look around for an alternative, we came to Mambo and Typo3. After evaluating both systems, we have choosen to go with Typo3. It offers huge flexibility in the layout design and this is exactely what we are looking for: we want the flexibility of a HTML/CSS layout together with the comfort of a database driven content management.

As we start to build up this site, we are more and more delighted about Typo3. The design of this CMS is genius. The learning curve is somewhat steep at the beginning, but it is definitely worth the effort. Finally we could setup our new site within a week. Having now more freedom with the design, our under construction, forever, becomes even more true.

Mac Mini

End of September we got our first Mac. We have been tiered of the continuous noise of our Asus PC and finally decided to give Apple with a Mac mini a try.

Ubuntu 5.10 installed without any troubles within 20 minutes. Now we have the best from both worlds: a cool hardware and a cool Ubuntu. It seems to be even faster ten our Asus barebone with Intel Pentium 4 2.GHz and a ATI Radeon 9100 IGP graphics adapter.

But the Power PC (ppc) architecture is always good for some surprises: certain application like Skype, Sun's Java or Flash are not available for Linux on a ppc. It will certainly take a while to find valuable walk-arounds.


We do not exist

In previous times we felt there is little sense to make us public in the search engines and we had a Disallow: / in our robots.txt file. But having now this nice Typo3 site we thought that maybe a few other people within the 6.5 milliards earthlings may be interested in our content.

So, we removed that entry in the robots.txt. But, what a bad surprise, we are still not listed in any search engine. And if you are not listed in a search engine - you do not exists.


This was the year of the music industry, copyright and DRM. A remarkable highlight was the Sony DRM disaster.