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Google Death Penalty

We still suffer from Google death penalty (and Yahoo as well). In the meantime we are listed in MSN, but that is not really an alternative since the quality of that search engine is far behind of what Google provides.

Somehow we are not accepted by Google (even at last once a week a crawler passes by), but we don't see any way to find out what's wrong. And that is pretty frustrating. And it gives us an idea how easy it is to control the web.


The Year of Censorship

It already becomes visible that this will be the year of censorship. Google, Yahoo and MSN cooperate with censorship in China. Last week, Secure Computing updated their software to classify Boing Boing as a "nudity" site - blocking them from schools, libraries, companies and some Arabic countries.

And that is just the beginning. Soon free speech will be over. In democratic countries notabene.


Asymetric Kinetics

For more then twenty years we have been fascinated about sidecars and during that time we made already several attempts to obtain one of this species.

But all efforts to come close to a sidecar ended somehow with the same conclusion: The modern sidecars are soulless machines (and cost more then a good middle class car) and the beautiful oldtimers are more for display rather then for real use (and cost more then a good middle class car). The Dnepr, a Russian sidecar based on a BMW copy, had plenty of soul and was affordable, but since we wanted to drive a sidecar and not maintain a sidecar, this third posibility also was rejected. It remained a dream and each time we saw a living sidecar, we got elfstrucked.

Since Juli 2004 the Dnepr can not be imported any more because it doesn't fulfill the regulations for pollution. In the meantime, the civil sister Ural improved unnoticed from us during the last years and seems to be now usable without too many hassels.

Once we we got that information, this twenty year old virus envolved absolutely unstoppable within 48 hours into a signature on a buying contract for a Irbit Ural M75!


Our Ural!

We have our Ural. No joke, it is real. The first impression: no way to drive such a vehicle. The second impression: it is absolutely cool to drive such a vehicle.

And finally, after the first 2000 km, we don't want to miss it.


And again a new Camera

We got a Nikon Coolpix S4.


Flash Slied Show

We started to make some experiments with the Web Photo Gallery component of Adobe Photoshop CS2.



For a workshop we had to go to Belgrade and added a few more days to just hang around.

Here are a few impressions we could bring back. While there were still some signs from the war, the people just enjoyed the street live.



For an other workshop we hat to go to Split. This time we extend our stay for a whole week. It was it worth, we had a great time strolling through the medieval downtown and along the harbor, or just sitting in coffee shops. And we could buy some nice original prints from local artists.

Thanks of a rental car we made an excursion to Mostar. We wanted to see what happened to the Old Bridge. Last time we have been there was 1984. Also here were still many signs of war visible and tourist shops sell pen made of used bullets.



Back from Croatia, we have set up a few panoramas for testing the PTViewer from Helmut Dersch.


Thanks to an absolute raining August we found eventually time to start to look at Adobe's Flash.

Here's the outcome.


3D World

We enter the 3D world. We know Blender, a free 3D software, since years. It offeres fantastic posibilities, but the learning curve is indeed pretty steep. The user interfaces is unique and different from any other program and there are no predefined materials.

Also the documentation is scattered all over the net.
After several fruitless attempts over the year, we finally started to use Blender intensively and get some first results. And we are equally fascinated and frustrated with this program.



Well, Amsterdam is always worth a trip. A few pictures from this visit.

Not particular fond of Van Goghs painting style, but confronted with a rainy day, we visited the Van Gogh museum. The interesting aspect of this museum is that it shows all the development of the artist from its first drawing until his final style we all know.


Four Core Mac Pro

We got a 2 x Dual-Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro to help us with the rendering.