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Over the end of year time we escaped to Tunisia.

We took a rental car and traveled for two weeks criss-cross around the country. It is if full with police, but as a tourist one can move easily and free around. We only ended twice on a police station because we pointed the camera on a wrong building. But to be fair, it has to said that the police officers were correct and friendly. At last almost - one officer mentioned, while checking the content of one of our digital cameras, the those pictures are not very good.


The Year of 3D

This is the year of 3D. We started to spend considerable time with Blender, a fantastic (and free) 3D software. That gave us a perfect excuse to buy a MacPro with four cores and two monitors. So, the equipment is fine; now the limit is only the own imagination. Ah yes, and the time.


A new Studio

We moved to a new apartment where we could fulfill our old dream about an own studio. Having such a studio at hand boosted our production significantly.



End of March we have a nice week in Cambridge. It is still fresh, but the sky is blue and spring has started. Beside strolling through this medieval village, we enjoyed hours and hours in bookstores.

It is a nice place, but expensive like hell. And with unconfortable beds like in hell.



It is May and we decided to go north this time., ignoring the risk of rain. And, what a luck we had only a few days of rain. But the rest was a wonderful ride through an amazing wild and empty landscape.

Some images from the Scottish Landscape and the Scottish Brainscape.


Czech Republic

The last ride for this year went to Czech Republic through already snowing alps.

Nothing special, just a wonderful ride up to Olomouc and back. No idea if we ever will find to put some pictures together.



Well, that 3D thing we put on the stack in favor of real work with paper, cutter, glue and a new A2 inkjet (HP Designjet 90). Like a butterfly we hover from one interesting issue to the next and suddenly we discovered the fascination of book making. Our master here is certainly Keith Smith.

This may explain the long inactivity on our server. Also we should move to a newer server hardware (which already lies around since a while) but we can't bring our self to that huge task and update all the software running here.


The Google Mystery

Ups, I seems we finally did it into Google. Just by two years patiently waiting. Or is it because we changed the DDNS provider? Let's call it The Google Mystery.



Here is our book production of this year. Like master Keith Smith we properly number them from the beginning.

Books have a size, a texture, a weight and opposite to picture hanging on the wall behind glass, one can take it in hand and enjoy it; it is a sculpture. This is all lost in the photos we present here, but at last one can get an idea what we do.