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We started the new year in Namibia. Because somewhere during the last rainy summer we decided that we wanted to have it hot and that we wanted to do camping.

And for all of this, Namibia was a perfect place for camping and travelling on our own. It was hot, the landscape is beautiful and the division between black and white, or poor and rich, is strange.


Blender Institute Training

End of March we fulfilled us a dream: one week Blender training a the Blender Institute in Amsterdam. The weather was terrible with horizontal snowing; we were either in the institute, in a pizzeria or in the tiny hotel room sleeping.

The training was excellent, Ton and the BBB team did an fantastic lectures and we just can recommend it to any Blender head.


Toscan and Umbria

After ten years, it was time to replace our aging BMW. Even there was little to complain on our old bike, BMW pushed them in the meantime much further and our new 1200GS is a nice piece of engineering. Since we mainly use that bike for traveling, we have chosen the R1200GS Adventure which its big aluminum cases.

In Mai we traveled two weeks through Toscana and Umbria. It was too cold and rainy for this season, but we enjoyed it anyway.


Again, a new camera

Just a few days before leaving to New York we got a Canon Powershot S5 IS. Main selection criteria is a moveable LCD which allows to make picture from any position. With this feature it is much easier to take snapshots from people without disturbing them.

But of course, it is also kind of obession to have always a new camera, each modell gets a little bit better then the previous one.


New York

In July, combined with a business trip, we spent six days in New York. It was hot, crowded (that is probably usual there). What what impressed us most was the endless production of trash of this society. Whatever you eat, drink or buy, leaves trash behind you. Until we discovered China town.

Highlight was certainly the visit of the of Talas, the biggest bookbinding material supplier. And yes, we have seen Wall-e, the latest Pixar production.


Czech Rebublic and Slovenia

In August we had one week Ural ride to Czech Republic, Slovenia and back. With our maximum speed of 84.3 km/h that kept us almost everyday for eight hours on the bike.

Afterwards, while preparing the pictures, we discovered an easy way to present pictures: the Shadowbox. It uses only XHTML, CSS and JavaScript and this is what every modern browser has on board by default. more...



An other visit to London.



And from London direct to Berlin.

What a contrast of lifestyle.



Server Update

Since 2002 we operate our own server. In September 2005 we started a general face lift of this website by using a better content management system (Typo3) and a new server. This server makes still a good job, we haven't any hassles with it. Current up-time is 389 days. But nobody knows how long the hard disc will last. It is easier to do the change while the old server is running, so we do the inevitable.

The devil, just as usual, is hidden in the details. 99% of the work was done in four hours, but the rest took four days respective nights. All the software has new versions and that has potential for a lot of tricky surprises. We even passed a point where we wanted to drop the whole thing.

Looking back, we can say that the SME 7.3 server and Typo3 is a very stable and versatile working horse. We do not regret to have them chosen.


XHTML, CSS and the Rest

Having the server running, we got appetite for more Typo3, XHTML and CSS. So, we build a new corner of our site.

Doing layout and typography with XHTML and CSS is fun. We still remember how frustrating it was in earlier days to make a layout in HTML. Not to talk about all this issues with different browsers and incompatibilities thanks to Micro$soft.

Over the last three years the site became a little bit shabby, with many unfinished places just as in real live. You start something, finish it up to 90% and then you move already to the next project. Did not even Leonardo suffer this effect? An overall clean up was needed and again we will do it up to 90%.

New Server Online

Finally we have the new server on-line and can start to fix all the broken galleries. Disappointing is the noisy hard disk and now we dream about a solid state disk. Unfortunately those prices are still prohibitive; a 32 GByte solid state disk would cost more then the whole server as it is now. Therefore we postpone this project.

Then it is also time to check all the links. For this task we use webcheck, a nice and efficient Python script. With this tool, it turns out that updating all the links over the years is a bag of fleas.


Registered Hosts

Until October, there are 182 226 259 active sites worldwide. It means the number doubled since October 2005.

New President on the Way

We do not make a lot of political statements here in this sleepy and peaceful corner of the internet, but today is an exception.

Since the damage to the world caused by from George W. Bush is magnitudes higher then those of all terrorist together, we are happy that this is somehow going to change. Let's hope Obama does a better job.


Buch- und Handpresse-Messe

This year we discovered that every two years the Buch- und Handpresse-Messe takes place in Frauenfeld.

Sure that we did not miss that event and provide a few impressions and sure, we took a lot of new ideas and motivation home.



Eight Core Mac Pro

We got a 2 x Quad-Core Intel Xeon Mac Pro to help us even more with the rendering. That is a nice machine.



Again, it is end of the year and we present our annual book production.

Number-wise it is a little bit less then last year, but we had more and better content. And we started to work with the leather supply we took home from Namibia.