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Since a long time China was on our wish list, and finally we spent three weeks Christmas vacation on a trip through this for us unknown country.

It was a fantastic time and we came back with plenty of impressions.


East Europe '05

After nearly four years we finally finished the visual chronicles from our ride through East Europe. Make sure you have half an hour time and the sound on your computer switched on. (needs Flash)


Action Script 3

It has been a while since we played with Flash, but now we are back. We need an image- and music player for our visual chronicles. It turned out that with AS3 the realization is much easier and straight forward, compared with AS2.


3D again

We have Vue since '06 but never took into any place further. The new release of Vue 7 however triggered our interest again. Some preliminary results are now online.



Having a invitation from our friend Jennifer, we came back to Siena. The weather, however, was just as bad as last year and we spent most time under the umbrella. Means, we could seamless continue the rainy pictures series from last year.



Lisbon is always worth a visit and we got an opportunity to come back.

And again, we enjoyed this dozy and partly decaying city. The local restaurants and the lovely bookstore we discovered last time did not exists any more. From the buildings only the outside walls were there, with nothing left inside then construction machines. But we sill could discover other cosy places outside of the touristic areas.



This year in August we visited twice Romania.

First we spent a few days in Bucharest which has still a wired down town: Half of the buildings are renovated, and half are badly decaying because the ownership is not yet settled.

Later we made a two week bike tour though Slovakia and Romania. It is still a very poor country with very bad roads, no restaurants on the country side and with very friendly people. It was not a comfortable trip, we damaged our stomachs and a tire from the bike as well, but we are glad we could visit again Transylvania. It was worth the effort.


Life Clock

Since a while we were thinking how to implement a Life Clock into this site. Finally we got a quite simple solution with XHTML and JavaScript.



We spent a lovely autumn weekend in Köln. The reason for this trip was the Bookbinder Fair 2009 which is just an El Dorado for all kind of bookbinder materials. Sure we took the opportunity to fill up our stock with new materials.


Again a new Camera

Today we got our Canon Powershot G11. The only feature we always missed on our G10 was a tiltable display. And since the new G11 got it, we got it as well.