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A busy year ahead

This will be a busy year with much to much work ahead. Probably there will not be too much idle time left.


This year we spent four weeks in India, from Mumbai to Dehli and then an Intrepid trip through Rajasthan.

Traveling for the first time through is India is for a Swiss just a culture shock, regardless of all the pictures and films we already have seen. It's a country of noise, chaos, dust, cables and patient and friendly peoples. We brought 17'000 pictures back and it will take a long time until we will have some of them online.


Again a new Camera

With the Panasonic Lumix GH1 we have our first digital camera with exchangeable objectives. And the biggest sensor so far.


Server Update

Again, a server update. With the current processor technology we could finally build a small server without movable parts, means fanless, hardiskless, noiseless. And it is still the fastest server we ever had in our living room.

We still stay with the SME server and Typo3 CMS.


Vienna and Brno

This year we decided to go to the annual meeting in Vienna with the motorbike. And from there to visit our friends in Brno. Back home through northern Austria.


For the third time in a row, we spent a rainy weekend in Siena with Jennifer.


What a sad day

This should never have happened.

Suddenly we lost our cousin with whom we have spent our whole childhood.


Greece and Italy

Life wouldn't be what it is without a real motorbike raid. Since we had to go for a two day conference in Athens, we did it the right way and took two weeks time: Driving over the Alps to Venice, taking the ferry to Igoumentisa, from there to Athens. Then back to Igoumentisa, with the ferry to Brindisi and then all the way up trough Italy and over the Alps again back home.


Lagio Maggiore

A weekend ride over the alps down to the Lago Maggiore. With absolute blue sky.



Just a lovely weekend in Ticino. With the motorbike of course.



A short trip to Dublin for an other conference.

Just in time we got the tiny Pentax 25mm/f1.4 lens for our Lumix GH1 from Chiif Cameras which makes pictures with a nice Lomo type effect.Fun.

But this was also the first time we got dragged into a discussion about taking private photos and public ground. And this in one of the cities with the highest density of CCTVs.


Munich and Brno

An other ride to Munich and further up to Brno. From there down to Vienna and back with the car-train to Feldkirch.


iPhone 4

Since about 2004 we tried to use SmartPhones instead of a mobile phones and a PDAs, beginning with the Palm Treo 650 and later it's sucessor Treo 680, continuing with Nokias E71. Despite of the slowly improving hardware, none of them was really satisfying from the software side: complicated, crashing, frustrating. Common for Palm and Nokia is that both company have chosen as last step into their misery and oblivion to join with Micro$oft...

Because we live already in the Linux and Apple world, we finally got our first iPhone, and it is the new iPhone 4. We rarely use it for phone calls, but for everything else. It just works! It is just the coolest electronic toy we bought. Ever. It's kind of an electronic Swiss army knife: an Internet device, a PDA which perfectly synchronizes with just all the other Apples we have.

And it has really fancy digital camera with all it's Apps. Within days we discovered the endless landscape of iPhoneography with all its Apps and websites and galleries. It's a different way to make pictures, compared with serious photography one does with SLRs. This is not about technique, it is just fun, it's a kind of visual scrapbook which allows us to keep all the visual impression we find during the day, wherever we are.



On a cold, rainy and windy weekend in Gdansk started our iPhone life.

Here are our very first steps into the iPhoneography.

For us photography is not a tool to show how things look like, it rather a way to tell how things feel like.



After one year, we are back for one week in Mumbai. And again, we enjoyed the chaos, the good food and the very friendly people.



According to Wikipedia, Karôshi can be translated literally from Japanese as "death from overwork". We came close to it, but we still survived.

And we discovered the Zeitarmut. Means rich countries are poor in time, poor countries are rich with time. That could be something like Heisenbergs Uncertainty priciple, but for time and money. Ah, no, not really: one can be poor and still having no time ...

Oh men, what a year!