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This has to be the year of the art and handicraft courses. It has been a while since we learned something new, and we want to compensate for last years Karôshi.

Bueno Aires and Patagonia

This year we escaped from the winter coldness to South America: first for a lazy week in Buenos Aires and afterward for a two weeks round-trip through Patagonia.


The Arab Revolution

Social live usually evolves linear or even exponential over a long time - until they reach a tipping point. That is what happens now in the Arabic world: the system changes from one aggregate state to an other.
If it is a revolution in the sense that people will have a safer and more human live afterward is still open. It's certainly a generation long process.


The Professione Libro offered a weekend course in Secret Belgian Binding.

Just what we were looking for. So that's were started with our courses.

It was a very well organized course in a very rainy and cold Milano. But we got with good Italian food and wine compensated.



A cold, but sunny visit in Poznan. 

Just a few days before we got our ultimate electronic toy: and iPhone 4. You find  few iPhone pictures from this trip.



The Centro del bel libro is kind of a Mekka for every ambiguous bookbinder.

This year we fulfilled us an old dream and spent a total rainy week in Ascona. But this did not bother us because we could learn a lot and enjoyed the cozy atelier. Our teacher, Suzanne Schmollgruber, did a very good and demanding job and we certainly can recommend it.

Who knows, maybe one day we will be back.



This year we've spent the Easter holidays in Paris where we had the opportunity to visit friends living in the Cité Internationale des Arts. It has been more then ten years since the last visit and afterward we are wondering why it took us such a long time to come back. Paris is so lovely.

The weather was just fantastic and we enjoyed the sun like lizards. However, there was no change to enter any museum like Louvre, Mussée d'Orsay or the Centre Pompidou except one would like to stay for hours in a queue. But the name says it already: Tourism-Industry. Which is not problem for us since we anyway never watch dead artists. Paris offers so many other corners to enjoy like flea-markets, comic stores and the bookbinders paradise RELMA S.A., 3, rue des Poitevins.


Back to normal?

We a slightly decreasing workload we see a change to put new content from the last one and half year on our website. Also it is time to update and polish our Typo3 installation.

Oh, and a beautiful spring has started after a winter we felt to long, to cold and to grey.


Fukushima and Deepwater

The the BP Deepwater Horizont oil spill and the Fukushima disaster manifest the limits of the human ability to handle large scale interactions with our earth.

Those disasters are it is not a technological problems, those are problems of politics and management. Means that the limitless human greed is what distroyes and harms our tiny surface on earth.

Akademie Wildkogel

Up there, in the Austrian alps, there is the Akademie Wildkogel. It looked just to be the right place to go.

We went for a weekend course in Viscosity printing (Hayter-Technik) to the Akademie Wildkoge. The course was held by Otto Meyer who gave a good workshop.

Beside the course which was very interesting we enjoyed a beautiful motorbike-ride through the Alps.




There is a one week workshop in Non-Toxic Intaglio workshop with Henrik Bôegh in Capileira which we wanted to attend.

And how to travel to Andalusia? By motorbike of course. So, in addition to the course, we used one week to drive down and an other week to come back. And to shorten the distance a little bit, we used the ferry from Genua to Barcelona and back.



End of August we could visit our friend Jennifer in Siena. This time we traveled with our Ural and tent.

Unfortunately at the end of the trip our Ural gave in  Lago d'Iseo up.


Small Sculptures in Concrete

We have been always been interested in small sculptures made from concrete. And voilà , we find an appropriate course from boesner in Münchwilen.

We attended two times a two day course in small sculptures in concrete (Beton-Kliinskulpturen) organized by Klemens Pasoldt.

This course was extremely well organized and we had a lot of fun to learn all those tricks around using concrete for art purposes.


End of Paper

We removed almost all of our paper archive of lexika, databooks, catalogues and other technical information we used for work. It is now all on the Internet or on the harddisk.

In our Western world, there is no way any more to do any work without a running Internet connection. No way, really.