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The year where we realise that Orwells 1984 was a paradise compared to the Total Surveillance we already have nowadays.

The Internet gave us endless new possibilities and knowledge. But it turns out that the price we pay for it is just too high: We lost irreversible our privacy and human rights.

If there is something in common for all those destructive events during the last ten years then it is greed. Greed of the bankers, greed of the big corporations, greed of the politicians and now greed of the surveillance.


Bukito 3D Printer

Bukito 3D printer



A new server goes online

The SME server distro which we are using since 2002 comes into its age and it is not clear how long it will be maintained. So it was time to look for something new and since it has to be a Debian distro based system we ended up with changing to Zentyal. It is quite easy to set-up and we are satisfied with this choice.


Hunting for Fibres

Sure thing, we do not miss a fibre supplier we pass by with our appetite for all kind of fibres, from animals or plants or whatever. Just there are less and less supplier staying in business.



Long Exposure Photography

A few years ago we came across the photographer Alexey Titarenko  and his beautiful work The City of Shadows. Since then we had the idea that we want to try this technique.

Finally time has arrived. All it needs is a ND8 grey filter and a tripod in order to get exposure times of one second or longer during daylight. While we assume that Titarenko works with films, we go digital. Let's see what we can do with this technique.



A business week in Poznan, but we got a free day to stroll around. Certainly February is not the best time to visit this city, but we had luck with quite moderate temperatures and dry weather.

There is a lot of construction going go on, but still there is a surprisingly big amount of old and decaying houses.



Too cold, too short, that is the only photo we got out of a taxi window.


High Speed Photography

High speed photography is just an other technique we wanted to play with. And what better time one can choose to start such a project then cold and grey winter days where we prefer to stay in our warm and cosy atelier.

So we began to build up the infrastructure and ordered the the StopShot Water Drop Photography Kit to start with. That gave motivating first results. Now we are for more materials to come.


Our Saori Loom has arrived

After the rigid heddle loom from Ashford we went for something slightly bigger: a Saori loom. That is  the  beginning of our free-style hand weaving.


Sheep all over

The beauty of the Engadiner sheep.


What a lovely weather

Opposite to the last year, we have an exceptional nice March. Life is so much easier with sun shine.


Aerial Photography

Our first "bigger" quadcopter is a Walkera QR X350. With such beautiful weather we finish our studio photography and go out to make our first and shy steps into aerial photography with a GoPro Hero 3+. Now this is really exciting.



A three week Japan visit, luckily just during the cherry blossom time. It was not exactly planed, but nevertheless we enjoyed it. For tourists Japan is a crowed, but peaceful and an amazing clean country. Easy travel, except for communication, but everybody is friendly and helpful. We spent some time in Tokyo and Kyoto and had for two weeks a rental car in between.



Nothing special, just an other weekend in Jura. That translates into "cider & goat cheese".


Czech Republic

It is now a tradition that around Eastern we make a motorbike trip to Vienna and back through the southern part of the Czech Republic with its untouched landscape. It was dry, but very windy and quite cold. It turned out we had not enough warm cloths with us and at the end of the trip we would wear just every piece of cloth we had with us.



We have spent a beautify warm and lazy weekend on an almost empty camp ground in Valais. Being without any Internet conection, we enjoyed good food, good wine and good books. Once a while we would take our bicycles and visit the nearby town Sierre to fill up our life stock.


Erwin Hymer Museum

Having a little camper it was time to visit to the Erwin Hymer Museum with our friends. It was fancy to see the whole evolutions of this little houses on wheels. Later on we would discuss everything we have seen in great details.


The Othermill

Finally, after quite some waiting, our Othermill from the Kickstarter project we baked last October has arrived.

We are very pleased with what we got, it is a nice piece of machinery, very well done. Also it comes with a nice software. It is a perfect desktop mill for making all kind of small parts.


The sunny day of summer 2014

Two sunny days in an entirely rainy July/August. We took the chance and were riding criss cross through the Swiss Alps in Grisons.



Now that did not work as planed: we wanted to stroll through Lausanne for two days and later pass through the Jura. Instead, after heavy rain for half a day and a weather forecast promising not the slightest change, we gave up and drove home. It was not possible to leave the camper without sinking in to mud.


Round trip through East Europe

It is almost ten years (2005) since our last round trip through Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and back. After four weeks and 4'500 km we have seen them all again.

Now the cities explode but on the country side little has chanced.

The last time it took us four years to finish the slide show, let's see how much time will pass this time.


Lost summer

Just for the records: this was a lost summer, too cold, too rainy with only a few spots of nice days (see above).


Oh no, not again!

Server update, server crash, server re-install and a lot of lost time. And of course this happens exactly then during the most busiest time.


Last Camping in Jura

It is autumn, and just an other year passed way to fast. Since the weather was (accidently?) to gorgeous we went for a few last camping days.


Flying Objects

Since a while we are busy with various flying objects like model helicopter or small quadcopters. The newest member in the family is a 7' Rainbow Rokkaku kite witch we tried first the first time with low winds (8 km/h). That kite is going to be a lifter for our KAP-rig (Kite Aerial Photography). This first trial was very encouraging and we hope to have soon a camera in the air.



No wind today, so that is a good opportunity for a first flight (after the initial test fligh in March) with our Walkera QR X350 quadcopter. Ends with a graceful crash right in the middle of the corn field.

Next day it will have an even more glorious fly-away with a deadly landing. After all this machine had only a few flights in its life.

In the meantime the X350 Pro became available, so we bought one of them. This is the point where our endless story with tri- and quadcopter starts.


Beautiful Autumn

There was a lot of complaint on this page about the weather this year, but this autumn was incredible warm and beautiful.



We close this year with a business trip to the incredible cold Bialystok with -10 °C.