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After a year with endless story about spying just everyone and everything we come to realise that we reached the End of Privacy and after a year of endless story about laying politicians we reach the point of End of Trust.

What's the difference between the American, Russian and Chinese political system? Obviously they use different PR-strategies. But under the hood they behave pretty identical.

We wonder how the society will react on this threat and how the Internet will look like in ten years.

The European Commission’s president Jean-Claude Juncker warns: "Europe has yet to beat the euro zone crisis."

This is in some contrast to Barroso declaring in 2013 the Euro crisis is over. Instead we will see how the financial colonialism works in Europe, specially in Greece.

North Chile and Argentina

Three weeks without Internet and mobile phone. We left the connected world and enjoyed endless blue sky, dust and silence in Chile and Argentina.



After all that nice and warm weather in Chile now a business trip to the freezing cold Sofia. Not really fun.


Oban and Edinburgh

We spent a week in Scotland, visiting Oban and the Isle of Mull and the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. Of course we came back with several kilos of yarn for weaving. And some whiskey.



A business trip to Katowice. It is not really a nice city, but after the months of overcast sky at home at last some sunny days. And the daily dose of Pierogi.



Car train to Vienna

An other motorbike trip starts with the car train to Vienna.


Czech Republic

From Vienna through the southern of Czech Republic home. Since it was colder then expected, we were wearing all available cloths. But it was fun anyway.


Pürgschachener Moor


On our way to the Steiermark we had a first stop  on a camping close to Innsbruck. It had the most luxurious camping facilities we ever had so far.


Finally we had to help to setup scientific equipment at the Pürgschachener Moor. A beautiful place one normally is not allowed to enter, but for science there is an exception.


Our way home lead us through Kärnten where we found the nicest camp ground we ever have been: Alpenferienpark. We should be back home on Monday, but with finally such a lovely place and blue sky we postponed that plan in favour of a few more days of wellness.



Camping in Vosges

A nice camping weekend with friends in the Vosges.



On the way to Prague

We had to attend a meeting in Prague, but since the weather was still questionable we decided to go by car.


End of Democracy

Greeks voted to rejected further austerity measures, but only one week later Alexis Tsipras told them they had no choice than to accept austerity. Means it is the financial colonialism in form of the  European Troika which rules the countries, not the people any more.

"We have no chice." has become a frequent argument from our political elite to justify their decisions. But that is not true, there are always a choices - but they may have grave consequences. And that is what todays politicians are afraid of. Nobody solves problems any more, just tries to postpone it with whatever possible tricks. Which just makes the problems worse.



Camping in Jura

We spent an absolute lazy and incredible hot weekend at our preferred little camping in Vuillafans. Kept feed in cold water while enjoying cidre and fromages de chèvres. Almost every year we are coming back for a few days of such a wellness.



A few days at a crowded and expensive Swiss camping near Biel. It is holiday season.


Flying Mobius

First attempt to use the Mobius action cam for aerial photography.

still learning to fly

Still learning to fly. Unfortunately we never found this little quad again. The lesson learned: Never fly out of the range.


Over the Alps

Julier Pass

We use the chance of a few rain free days to cross the alps versus Italy.





Tatra Mountains




Not so good

not so good

This perspective from our office window does not look so good.








The weather during this year was not always we that nice as presented in the above pictures, but we definitely will remember it of its gorgeous autumn.



Flying high

Flying higher and higher with our little quad and its Mobius.

An other Crash

Now this happens when flying out of range of the RC radio and the little quad goes into failsafe - means it switches the motors off (while the camera still records).


Last ride (for this year)

Pragel Pass

In middle of a milde November we had our last ride for this year over the Pragel and Klausen Pass...

Textile shopping

... and on our the way home a stop for textile wellness.