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After greed comes race and discontent. And we see already the fallout of the neoliberalism: Brexit, Trump, Renzi's resignation.



Our usual end of the year vacation we have spent at several places in Indonesia. Mostly it was hot and crowded with tourists, so we came back with mixed impression.


Ride to Ljubljana through snowy Alps ...

Ride over the San Bernardino

We had to go for a business trip to Ljubljana and, desperate after a long winter, choose the motorbike for transportation. Now crossing the Alps with snow turned out to be really fun.

We absolutely enjoyed our days in the lovely Ljubljana and our visit of friends.



From Ljubljana for one week in Vienna.


... and back through beautiful Austria

ride through Austria

And finally back home. All together a 1'800 km ride.


Going Black&White

Zero 2000 pinhole camera

A friend of us tought us how to develop black and white films with Caffenol - which is basically water, Nescafé, vitamin C and soda. And additional he gave us his Zero 2000 pinhole camera for a test. It operates on a 120 roll film. And what can we say? It works! We never understood why Nescafé is on earth, Italian espresso is soooo much more tasty. Now we got it: it is made to develop BW films.

Our final destination of what we dream since years is a large format camera from Chamonix. Being able to develop BW films in our kitchen sink without any harmful chemicals is a huge steps towards the Chamonix camera.


Our first Pinhole Camera

first pinhole picture


Having success (after some failures of corse) we got appetite for a own camera and orrdered the Panoramic 6x12 pinhole camera from Au Premier Plan. We are going for bigger negative size because we want to use them for our Cyanotypes, which allows only contact copies since it uses UV light.


Lomography Belair

Lomography Belair

Getting even more appetite we ordered a Belair 6x12 City camera from Lomography. We know it uses a plastic lenses and gives this Lomo-feeling. But still it has some flaws and we are not convinced if this was a good choice. We will see.


Chamonix 4x5 Hs-1

Chamonix 4x5 Hs-1

And then, our dream arrived: The Chamonix 4x5 Hs-1. Now, this is really a piece of art, beautiful crafted. Who says Chinese produce only junk?


Lazy Weekend in Vosges

Probably this sounds like a repetition (and it is), but nice and steady weather was announced and we immediately packed our camping gear and left for a few lazy days in the Vosges.

Camping in Elsass

Camping in Le Ménil in the Vosges.

Visit of Musée du textile in Ventron

Visit of Parc de Wesserling.


Flying Camera: DJI Phantom 3 Advanced


Now it goes from one end to the other: From a BW pinhole camera to a flying 4K camera in form of a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. Most people use this quadcopter for filming, but our intentsion is to have a decent camera which we can place somewhere into the air and operate like Lumix or so. And DJI keeps what they promise.




This will be a story of a not so successful two week trip to Iceland...



Again, within this quite rainy summer, suddenly the weather forcast showed a row of a warm and dry days. Without any delay we packed our camping equipment on the motorbike and left for a ride toward Lyon in France. Why Lyon? Well, we will see ...


Ride through the valley of the river Simme.


Leaving the Alps behind and driving towards the valley of the Rhône.


First stop: visit of the Bobin Lace Centre in Le Puy-en-Velay. Because we have to buy bobbins, a lot of bobbins.

Musse de Miniature

We always have been fascinated of miniature dioramas and therefor one good reason to visit Lyon is the Musée Miniature & Theatre in Lyon. And we did not got disappointed. Half a day we carefully inspected with great pleasure all those little models.

And since we are already in Lyon, why not visit the Musée de Lumière? Lumière does not stand only for movies, they also had a big factory for film and cameras. What we learned here is how a technology comes to life and how quick it can become obsolete because technology move forward. Most recent example of such a change: records, CDs, iTunes and now streaming.

BW photographie

And some more pinholes on our way back.





Lace course

Lace course at Zürchr Stadler.


Flying Camera: Breeze




Shen Hao PTB 617

Shen Hao PTB 617

Since we enjoy B&W photography and use a lot of 120 roll films we got appetite for the Shen Hao PTB 617. That is a folding camera for 6x17 negatives with a 120 film holder.




We mad s short round tip to Lausanne and back home through the Canton of Valais. But the weather was already uncosy fresh and partly quite stormy. Still we could capture a few nice impressions from Furka pass.


Zeiss Ikona

Zeiss Ikona

We never bought so many cameras in such a short time like this year. The last acquisition is a Zeiss Ikona which eventually will replace our Belair.


New Server (again)

After 1+1/2 years break in doing nothing at our website we finally finally have a new server hard- and software up and running (Means we have to fill in quite a gap in our Logbook since 24.03.2015).

In 2002 we started with our fist own server, a SME server. In 2014 we changed to the Zentyal server because the SME server had an uncertain future. But it turned out that Zentyal breaks the installation through updates and anyway it offers to many services we do not need. So the alleged simplicity of server maintenance became a nightmare. It also turned out that there are less and less open source alternatives available, it's now all in the cloud (which is just an other name for server).

There was a time were we came to a point  to cancel the whole website project altogether. Why all these hassles with an own server and an own website? It is so last century, isn't it?

But then, giving up after 15 years? That is also not realy an option. Specially nowadays where most of the Internet has turned into a gigantic advertising machinery. Remember: If the product is free, you are the product. Not so here, we pay for it (in time and money), but we own it. Nobody can just swithc it off.

So, we took a deep breath and have set up an Ubuntu server 16-04 LTS from scratch. No fancy web-interface, no preconfigured services, just back to the Linux roots.


Lost Autumn

Weather cahnges

It was a common characteristic of the weather this year that within one or two day we got temperature jumps in the range of 10 to 20 °C in either direction. 

And with just such a jump we lost our autumn: suddenly temperatures where dropping close to zero which makes staying outside an unpleasant experience - so to speak.


Greed and Anger

We do not make to many political remarks on this site, but by getting older the field of view broadens and patterns become visible.

In 2014 we commented on the greed of the bankers, the big corporations, the politicians and the national surveillance. 2015 was the year of End of Trust of governments into their citizens (and vice versa). And for good reason: there is huge gap between the political elite (or establishment) and most of the citizen. Anger and frustration builds up and with votes like Brexit or now Trump people take revenge.

In physics we have a clear relation between a gradient, the resistance and the flow. If one knows any two of them the third value is given. Now human resistance does not behave in a simple linear manner like a lot of physical systems, but for sure by increasing a gradient or inequality we eventually will se a flow. That is when human systems passes a tipping point. It should be the noble task of politics to avoid such tipping points, but obviously that is not how it works in reality.

After years of globalisation and neoliberalism we see that indeed it has increased some statistical figures like Gross domestic product (GDP), but this are monetary market values and says little about human wellbeing or dissatisfaction. 

In civilised countries people can express their feelings in political votes, if the governments closes this valve, people go eventually on the streets and rebel against their political ruler. And that is where the governmental surveillance kicks in: it is not meant to protect people against terrorist, it meant to protect the ruler against their people.


The Tubes are back

Somewhere in 2008 we had a Python script running which generates tubes, a lot of tubes. That was for Blender 2.48, and that was when shortly after Blender changed the whole Python API and our script became obsolete. So we lost the interest. Recently during bad weather weekend we found time to come back to Blender (now 2.78) and Python programming. And within a few hours we had that script running again.


Attention Economy

In the Attention Economy, technology and media are designed to maximise our screen-time. Because Google, Facebook & Co have turned the whole Internet into a gigantic advertisement machinery.