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Polargraph Hardware


This is how we assemble our Polargraph, based on Sandys vitamin kit.

We happily received the nicely packed vitamin kit.


And this are the parts in their full glory.

This kit is absolutely a time saver and worth its money.

And WOW: real stainless steel screws. A clear sign this kit was developed in rainy Scotland.


Now we are a little bit puzzled on how to assemble it. But that is not a problem, since Sandy is a nice guy and helps immediately:

"I left the assembly as a fun puzzle..."

And fun we have!


Here is the wiring for the stepper motors (from left to right): red-blue-yellow-white


A neat detail from Sandy to fix the sprockets.


The parts for the gondola. We replace the brass tube by a pen holder made of Plexiglas.


That looks nice, does it?

We still detest to just use double sided tape to mount the servo.

ATTENTION: wrong assembled gondola; I have to make a new picture.


Finally we print the housing which comes with the project with our brand new Replicator 2.


Here are the parts, freshly printed in transparent PLA plastic.


The housing has a somewhat fancy design - but why not?

Something with the size of the break-out for the USB connector is wrong, we fix it brute-force with a rasp.


With all part on board, and Arduino already flashed, we go for a first dry run.

We connect a 7-12V / 1.5A power supply and - WOW - it just runs. That is really a nice starter kit.


There is still some clean-up needed, but basically the hardware is done.


And here is our Polargraph in its full glory. The idea of our design is that we can mount it on any board. for the weights, we use little sand bags.

Thanks to the vitamin-kit this was an easy task.

Next step is to fully understand  the controller program.