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3D Work

3D is about modeling, texturing and rendering.

We love to play with 3D, even if it is a very time consuming task. It is easy to get some pictures, but it is hard to get good pictures.

Commercial Programs

  • modo 902 (since 401)
  • Vue 2014 Infinite (since 6)
  • ZBrush 4R7 (since 4R4)

Free Programs

  • Blender 2.78
  • MakeHuman
  • Sculptris
  •  SketchUpSketchUp


  • Albaro - A tree generator with .OBJ output. No development any more.
  • Ivy Generator
  • StructureSynth 1.5 - Generates 3D structures based on a design grammar. Sadly the developemnt stopped in 2010.
  • Mandelbulber - 3D Fractals. One can spend endless hours discovering those strange worlds.