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Life in LoFi

This is about playing with the LoFi image devices or image manipulation.

We believe that a good picture should include blurry or noise areas, because they guide the eye to the center of interest. And they give room for own interpretation.

But it can be too much like with the Hipstamatic 201 pictures from Paris.

Here is a list of some of our LoFi devices and software which we use to downgrade, i.e. enhance our images:

iPhone 4

For a smartphone this is a pretty decent camera, but of course compared to an SLR it is just a toy. But exactly there lies its charm. We do not threat it as a camera, but it captures moments and impression and you can on the spot apply any type of filters.

Fish-Eye and Tele Lenses for iPhone

A great enhancement for the iPhone are the olloclip lenses, which include a fisheye, wide-angle and a macro lens. They are very small in size, means they fit in any pocket and travel always with us. Additionally we have some tele lenses.

Pentax 25mm/f1.4

A Pentax 25mm/f1.4 CCTV lens with C-mount and C-mount adapter for our Lumix GH1/GH3 from chiif cameras in Singapore.


We own a set of lensbaby lenses, pinhole included.

Bokeh 2 Filter for Photoshop

This filter from Alien Skin generats a high quality Boekh effect. Since all the digital cameras with tiny image sensor do not show any field of depth (DOF), this filter allow for nice effects in post processing.

Exposure 4 for Photoshop

This filter from Alien Skin allow subtitle color manipulation, adds grain and vignettes. In short if gives your cold digital pictures back the charm of the analog.