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This page is just a place-holder since we got a nice Panasonic Macro lens. But we did not had time yet to play with this new tool that much.

A good starting point for all kind of Macro photography is certainly the website photomacrography.net.

Focus Stacking

While for regular photography the depth of field is a welcome element of the image composition and we make all kind of efforts to get it, it is just the opposite for macro photography: the depth of field is a major limitation in this kind of photography. Since nowadays everybody uses digital photography, the technic of Focus Stacking is a way to extend the depth of field - at last for static objects.

For this technique one takes 10 to 100 pictures with slightly different focus points and then stacks them in an image processing program together. Since it is a tedious task to take so many pictures we ordered the right tool for it: StackShot.