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Democracy is fiction.

the göntikis

One of the biggest fiction in the Western world is the myth that we live in a democracy.
Democracy means literally ruled by the people. However, a short reflection uncovers that in real political life this is not the case.

Democracy would mean, that we can place our votes about how we want the society to be organized. But nobody ever asked our opinion about globalization, free trade, unlimited transportation, digital rights management, software patents, environmental pollution - only to name a few issues which deeply affect our life.

These decisions are made by so called political elite which is finally driven and controlled by the huge monetary interests, .ie. greed, of a small minority. But yes, we can vote for a new bicycle lane or a new kindergarden in town. Because nobody cares about it.


The story has evolved much further over the years: with the exploding demography, a crisis which evolves from one bubble to a even bigger bubble, the political system (democracy, one party system, dictatorship, whatever) does not count any more, it only counts if the rulers are able to feed the population they are extorting. Sure, rulers can suppress people for a while, but on the long run this only increases the energy of the explosion.