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It started very innocent with paper making, in the kitchen sink, with self made tools. By this we learned to love and understand paper.

Afterwards we moved ahead to all kind of printing activities and courses. We bought a small Abig press and transformed our kitchen into a printing studio. This was the begin of an ever growing library of self made books.

A little bit of history

Finally, since 2007 we have been seriously looking into bookmaking, now having a studio. That brings all together.

Beginning of 2008 we visited in Namibia two leather factories. Since then we have a supply of about 20 square meters of various leather cuts and pieces. Therefore almost every book got some leather application.

The bookbinding highlight of 2008 was the workshop with Jennifer in Siena. Then we visited Talas in New York, the biggest bookbinding material supplier in town, and competed the out toolset.

And also the Buch- und Handpressen-Messe in Frauenfeld which takes place every second year.

As for 2009, we visited the Bookbinders Fair Köln, which was a paradise to buy all kind of bookbinder materials.

Unfortunately 2010 was the year of Karôshi, so there was not much time.

Which was compensated in 2011 where we attended several courses, in Professione Libero in Milano, and an other course in the Centro del bel libero in Ascona.

In 2012 our book productions slowed down because we got or workshop ready and started to work with other materials then paper.